Muriel Louveau

"It is a most intriguing mixture of old chants, flamenco, middle eastern, primeval paganism and aggressive New Age. There are even hints of Yma Sumac.. Fascinating.. with a sense of mysterious drama."
- Norma Lynn, Arts alive and Well, New Mexico
"M. Louveau, a singer whose voice has been described as haunting and highly individualistic."
- Time Out, New York
"Never Adhering or locked to traditional forms, Louveau's compositional strength in achieving clear shapes leades us into a realm of foreign landscapes; the Classical influence is no longer pure Classicism, the Post Modern not pure Euro-centric Post Modernism...; Furthermore, we cannot generalize Louveau's works into any sect, but instead we are encouraged to accept her as a new explorer."
- Mark Cheng/ Nonesuch Records

After various experiences in the literary world, M Louveau focused on song and music producing what she calls contemporary medieval music - contemporary melodies inspired by ancient music as well as extra european sound, "My songs drive us into a cosmopolitan space and time somewhere at the crossroad of the other languages explains Louveau. I create my own imaginary language"

Select Festivals and International Events:

USA New York:

Next Wave Festival, Brooklyn Academy of Music (10-2000)
Orensanz Center for the Arts (2001) Irving Plaza (04-2004) Le Poisson Rouge (11-2009) Galapagos Art Space (09-2011)


Goucher College and John Hopkins University/Conservatory of Peabody “40 Years of Looking for The Future” multi media concert (10-2009 ) Music seminar (02-2011)
New Mexico: Loretto Chapel French Festival, Santa Fe (2001)

European Countries:

"Etonnante Lettonie" Beaubourg Center, Paris (12-2005) SKIFF Festival, St. Petersburg and Moscow (04-2007) French Spring Festival Tour, Latvia (05-2007) Europe XXL Lille 3000 Festival, France (04-2009) Schau Raume Play Off/Festival, Villach, Austria (11-2015)

Collaborative projects include:

EDDA, a multi media event with the English artist Holly Warburton in 2008 (Le Cube, Paris); At table, a musical reenactment with Ann Marie Lequesne in 06-2008 (RCA - London).

Louveau has also been commissioned to produce four educational albums for French speaking children and earned a Teachers Choice Award and Academy Charles Cros Award for the educational CD "How to Learn Timetables ". Since 2010, she has been staging the music of Skana, an album entirely produced in cyberspace with American composer Charles B Kim. Première in NYC at Galapagos Arts Space (2011) with dancer Emily Marie Pope. Additional performances at Theaterlab (2014-15). April 2016: Residency Voice and movement in Slovenia (Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities).