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About Skaņa

"Each track layers monophony with well-planned timed polyphony, within harmonic structures that grows from pure to panoramic. One hears influences of liturgical music combined with the medieval renaissance traditions, while transformed with ambient lounge electronica under modern and hip urban club scenes."
- Mark Cheng

Skaņa, from the Latvian word for “sound,” is a collaboration between French vocalist/composer Muriel Louveau and American composer Charles B. Kim. Melding haunting vocals, ambient electronics and pulsating rhythms, Skaņa seeks to explore the area between day and night, light and shadow, wakefulness and sleep.

The music of Skaņa is inspired by ancient cultures and far off lands but also draws upon distinctly modern musical elements in order to create a sound that is both contemporary and classical. In this regard, the past is prologue. This is music that would fit just as well in a modern concert hall as in an ancient Roman amphitheater.

The texts of these songs come from liturgical as well as poetic sources. Some are original texts written expressly for this album. Others are from well known poets such as William Blake and San Juan de la Cruz. All share the similar theme of straddling the space between light and darkness.

Despite the music having groundings in the past, the production of this album was a very 21st century endeavor. Louveau, based in Paris, and Kim, in Los Angeles, never actually met during the production of this album. They relied primarily on email and the occasional phone conversation to communicate ideas to each other and transferred audio files over the Internet. Thanks to modern technology, the end result is the same as if Louveau and Kim had worked in the same studio in the same city.

Complete Track Listing

1. Kyrie Eleison (4:30)
2. O Earth Return (4:01)
3. Ichos (3:46)
4. De La Luna (3:31)
5. Et La Mer (4:26)
6. When Night is Falling (4:30)
7. Baltik (4:02)
8. Noche Oscura (4:19)
9. Salve Regina (4:52)
10. Die Lorelei (2:24)
11. Agnus Dei (4:10)
12. Parting (3:46)